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Safranbolu which is famous for its historical houses is established by an Ionian Princess. The city and its surroundings has seen many civilizations like Roman, Byzantine, Seljuks and Ottoman. Safranbolu was an important roadhouse on the Kastamonu-Gerede-Istanbul part of the silk road.

Safranbolu was included in the "List of World Heritage" of UNESCO in 1994 and became a world city because of its success in preserving  its cultural heritage. Safranbolu has 1008 samples that are being protected in the natural texture as an expression of the historical and cultural wealth. Rock Graves, mounds, Cinci Inn and Turkish Bath, Köprülü Mehmet Pasha Mosque, İzzet Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Yemeniciler Arastası, İncekaya Aquaduct, Houses, Fountains and Tombs are some of the structures  that has survived.

Safranbolu has won its first fame for the houses which have a traditional and special architecture. These houses are wonderful architecture specimens that show Turkish society life of 18th and 19th centuries. These splendid houses, which carry the effects of crowded family makeup, economic wealth and local climate properties, are defined as "Five sided architecture" because of their roofs.
Safranbolu houses are buildings with 2-3 floors, 6-8 rooms, bay windows and lots of windows in every room. In these buildings; aesthetical use of stone, unbelievable quality of wood work, ornaments on walls and ceilings, pools inside the houses, stairs and door knockers... All of them are magnificent.

In house settlement neighbourhood was the most important thing people cared. Narrow streets with stone  pavements made people closer.

Safranbolu has very interesting natural beauties besides its historical aspect and houses. Saffron plant which can paint a liquid of thousand times heavier to yellow and gave its name to the city; grows in Safranbolu and is very important for the city. The other famous produce of Safranbolu is Çavuş Grape. Safranbolu is besides known with its delight.
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